Nutrition North Canada


Nutrition North Canada (NNC) is a Government of Canada subsidy program to provide Northerners in isolated communities with improved access to perishable nutritious food. NNC is part of the Government of Canada's Northern Strategy.


How Nutrition North Canada works

Information about the program, how the subsidy works, a glossary of terms, and registered retailers and suppliers.

Have your say!

Find out how to participate in the Government of Canada engagement sessions across the North to improve NNC.


Eligible communities

Information on Northern communities eligible for a full or partial subsidy; and the subsidy rates.

Eligible food

Information on what food is subsidized, the Revised Northern Food Basket, food categories and healthy eating.


Information for retailers and suppliers

Information on who can apply, how to apply and subsidy claims and payments.

Ask us

Questions from Northerners about the program and answers.



Information on compliance reports, subsidy reports, the program's performance measurement strategy and more.

NNC Advisory Board

Find out how the Advisory Board gives Northerners a direct voice in the program.



Information on the success of the program

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