2013-2014 Compliance Review Action Plan - Le Marché Daoust Inc.

Audit Recommendation Recipient Response/Actions Status
Passing on the Subsidy
  • The recipient must ensure that the subsidy to the consumer includes an additional 5% to include the weight of containers claimed monthly to NNC.
Action Plan Implemented
  • With regards to the overlooked 5% for packaging, the recipient now splits its calculations. Instead of totalling on the calculator and adding back the 5%, the recipient calculates the total 2 or 3 times, enters it on the invoice and then calculates the 5% separately. Example: 129.3 + 6.5 = 135.8.
Claims and Reporting
  • The recipient must pay particular attention when entering weights in the claim report and investigate any significant gaps between the weight on the invoice and the weight on the freight order.
Action Plan Implemented
  • With regards to typographical errors, the recipient completes all lines of the invoice and then uses the report (Excel calculations) to check that the total in the report and the total (before the 5%) on the invoice are equal.

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