2013-2014 Compliance Review Action Plan - Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau Québec (FCNQ)

Audit Recommendation Recipient Response/Actions Status
Passing on the Subsidy
  • We recommend recipients provide detailed calculations and a clear audit trail showing how the full value of the subsidy reaches consumers.
Action Plan Implemented
  • At the next auditors' visit, someone with the necessary authority will be on hand to respond to requests.
  • Before the end of October, all necessary documents will be procured to demonstrate the written billing structure.
  • Met with Program authorities on October 1, 2014. Documentation was provided to demonstrate that the full subsidy is applied to NNC eligible products.
Claims and Reporting
  • We recommend revising the price list to ensure the accuracy of the data reported.
Action Plan Implemented
  • FCNQ will continue to monitor and validate a sampling of 70 items on the price listed food baskets items every month to assure accuracy.
  • Price reports are pulled monthly on a specific date. Price can fluctuate in each store for a variety of reasons, such as sales, senior days, or seasonality of food prices.

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