Management Letter – Le Marché Daoust Inc.

July 11, 2014


Mr. Stéphane Bourget
Le Marché Daoust Inc.
36 Du Marché St.
Sallabery-De-Valleyfield, Quebec J6T 1P4


Subject: March 2014 Compliance Review Report Results and Follow-Up

Dear Mr. Bourget:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) conducted a compliance review in fiscal year 2013-14. Attached, please find a copy of the compliance review report. The report will be published on the department's website in the coming months, along with this letter.

The compliance review included the following recommendations:

  1. The Recipient must ensure that the subsidy to the client includes an additional 5% to take into account the weight of the boxes, as claimed on a monthly basis to Nutrition North Canada (NNC).
  2. The Recipient must pay particular attention when entering weight measurements into the claim report and investigate any significant variance between the weight indicated on the invoice and on the air waybill.

We understand that your organization has already implemented concrete measures to address these recommendations. However, it is important for the program that you send us a brief summary of the measures you have taken. Please note that your response will also be posted on our website.

Please contact your NNC representative to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about this compliance review.



Diane Robinson
Director, Nutrition North Canada

c.c. Brahim Achtoutal

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